Visual way to manage your design projects without hampering your design deck

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Workflow is an excellent feature added to CanvasFlip to manage your projects visually.

While reviewing the project, there are various screens which look absolutely fantastic and good to go, then there are screens which needs a bit of working on it before it turns fantastic and then, screens which you want to put aside to be reviewed later. To segregate all of this in their respective criterias all you need to do is drag and drop to one of the four columns - On Hold (Red), In Progress(Blue) , Needs Review(Yellow) , Approved(Green).

These colour codings are instantly reflected on the mockups while editing. So each team member is well informed about the status of the project.

View the comments on the screen and comment back right there. NOT JUST THIS, from any point in the project you can set/change the progress of the screen being previewed.

feature image ( Workflow )

How to get started with Workflow -

  1. Pull up your project from the CanvasFlip studio.

  2. Click on WORKFLOW button on the menu bar.

  3. Now just Drag n Drop screens according to the required status, That’s it!

Need help with workflow? Drop a mail to

Hope you loved this feature - WorkFlow! Are we missing your favourite feature in the toolkit? Let us know.

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