UX Sitemap

Get the complete flow of the prototype.Email it or take a print to discuss the flow

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UX Sitemap visually shows how the mockups are connected. This gives a complete picture of the of the prototype created.

Email the sitemap to a teammate far away, or take print to brainstorm the flow over a cup of coffee! The BEST part is that you do not need to generate it every time you make a change in the flow. It AUTOMATICALLY updates the changes.

Wondering for whom sitemap will be most useful? Different profiles would use it with different intentions!

Stakeholders would use them to confirm the direction the site is heading towards. Is it the right one and that their goals are being fulfilled?

Developers would use it to validate assumptions about scope and complexity and as an early view of feature requirements.

Finally, UX designers will refer to the site map to decide if the flow is good enough to ensure minimum steps to the app goal.

feature image ( UX Sitemap )

How to get started with UX Sitemap -

  1. Go to the CanvasFlip Studio

  2. Click on the “Preview” button.

  3. Click to the sitemap icon (device_hub) on the right top section

  4. And, it’s ready to be brainstormed!

Need help with UX Sitemap? Drop a mail to support@canvasflip.com

Hope you loved this feature - UX Sitemap! Are we missing your favourite feature in the toolkit? Let us know.

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