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1. Create prototype

Create low to high fidelity prototypes with CanvasFlip

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2. Share the prototype link

Share links with users to test in web-browser, no plugin/app required.

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3. Analyze UX analytics

Make smarter decisions with real-time data


Why awesome teams choose CanvasFlip for user testing?

- No plugin or app download required for user testing
- Supports all device prototypes including Web, iOS, Android, Windows apps and Smart watches
- Analytics beyond videos including heat maps and screen flow analysis for quicker and smarter decision

Desire path for your app

Watch replays of your user's sessions to design in accordance with user's desired path. You’ll be amazed to see what grabs and holds their interest!

User Flow

Screens where users spent most of their time

Won’t it be amazing if you can see where users are spending most of their time in user journey. This will help you optimize the user journey for successful business goal.

Popular flow in your app

Understanding which flow leads users to success goes a long way in optimizing and designing the flow that is closest to users’ desire path.


Eliminate guesswork and test particular flows

Task based testing - Add tasks to your testing and study analytics for specific tasks. Helps you to understand issues specific to a particular flow.

Capture focus areas on screen

Do your Call-to-Actions lie unseen? We know that hurts.. :( With heatmap insights on CanvasFlip you can iterate and place UI elements for greatest potential response.


Magic URL - user testing absolutely anywhere!

Perform the test just by passing a single URL - no login or app/plugin download required.

Share Magic URL in a closed group like email, Slack group, Hangout or Skype chat or even post it on social media — Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ anywhere and capture user behavior in real-time.

Pick any user testing method of choice,
We've got you covered!

Unmoderated remote user testing

Cut short your user testing expense, and capture candid response. Research smart and fast by shooting prototype links to anyone, anywhere.

In-person user testing

Observe and study your users’ body language while they go through your app prototype on CanvasFlip. We know sometimes hearing them think aloud is irreplaceable.

Guerrilla user testing

Step out of your office, grab magic prototype links and shoot it to anonymous users in cafes, bus stops, or any public space. Quickly validate (and invalidate) critical assumptions.


user tests

Run instant user tests. No plugin/app required.


Supports all devices- desktop, mobile & everything else.


Get instant notifications in email or Slack


Maintain multiple interaction/versions of user videos

Get real-time comments from users on prototypes


Consolidated dashboard with all recording

Happy Users Say It All !

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