Task Based Testing

Test every user flow individually.

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Why task based testing?

Task-based testing provides an approach that allows teams to gather both quantitative and qualitative feedback from a target audience.

Task based testing in CanvasFlip

With Task based testing in CanvasFlip, you can create a multiple tasks based on user scenarios. Analyze the user behaviour task wise. This makes the problem solving streamlined and specific to the flow.

Also, you can assign tasks with a pretext scenario that gives users a context to the testing.

How to get started with task based testing?

  1. Click on the “Task Based Testing” tab

  2. Add a task

  3. Give a suitable test name, scenario and task to be performed. Also select the start and the end screen

    feature image
  4. Share the generated link

  5. That’s it! Once the users perform that tasks, you can quickly analyse the user behaviour task by task.

Need help with timers? Drop a mail to support@canvasflip.com

Hope you loved this amazing feature! Stay tuned to CanvasFlip for other NEVER SEEN features coming up!

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