Versioning in SPECS

Recover a version every time you sync your Sketch artboards in CanvasFlip.

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We are feeling great to share a life-saving addition in your collaboration process - Versioning in SPECS.

Every time you sync your artboards in CanvasFlip, a new version is saved for your developers to review at any point.This allows flexibility for UX teams to run user researches in parallel while your development teams is working on building the interface.

It is another automatic feature and doesn't need any effort from your side.

How to get versioning in SPECS:

  1. Get the Updated CanvasFlip plugin from here.

  2. Sync your artboards from Sketch to CanvasFlip

  3. Edit your prototype and go to the SPECS tab

  4. Click on bottom-left "version" ( ) icon

  5. Choose any previous version to "View SPECS"

Need help with timers? Drop a mail to

Hope you loved versioning in SPECS - Are we missing your favourite feature? Let us know.

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