Are you ready to cut your design handoff time from days to minutes?



For awesome product designers to collaborate with developers... And make them fall in love with you.

Design/development collaboration on cloud

No more sharing PSDs/Sketch in email. Enhance productivity by syncing and collaborating design properties on cloud.


Share pixel perfect design properties

Invite engineering team to share element positioning, color, font & other design properties automatically at their finger-tips or more like cursor-tips.

Switch between multiple color formats

Let your engineering team pick color in the formats of their choice (RGBA / HEX / ARGB). It's automatic, so no extra work for you.


Ensure brand guidelines & consistency in design

A unique checker & styleguide to list out all color and typography to ensure design and brand consistency.

Exportable assets for any resolution

Share all icons or other assets with engineering team as SVG or PNG, so they don't have to look through emails or folders.


Highly customizable CSS code

Speed up your web development with simple copy-paste of auto generated CSS code.

Discuss & resolve queries within design

Ask and respond to queries in real-time from within the design. Stay updated with emails and Slack notifications (beta).


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Reduce your design hand-off time to minutes
while your engineering team fall in love with you :)

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