Set Timers

Set timers for splash screens that move to the next screen without any user interaction

feature image

This is an amazing feature that allows screens to automatically slide to the the next screen after the assigned seconds, without any user interactions.

Perfect way to displaying splash screens in prototype. Could you imagine inserting onboarding sessions and tutorials in the prototyping experience ever before? With timers it’s done perfectly! You could use timers in many other thoughtful ways including presenting your designs as an automated slideshow.

NOT JUST THIS, you can also assign transitions on the designs that have timers set. A convenient way to do it all. Still in doubt check out the screenshot below!

feature image ( Set Timer )

How to get started with Set Timers -

  1. Upload your mockup screens from your desktop or dropbox.

  2. Select the mockup to be edited, and select the “Timer” option on the top menu bar.

  3. Select the the timer target and drop the hotspot on the next screen.

  4. Set the transition that you want. And it’s done!

  5. You are good to go to watch the automatic sliding of screens!

Need help with timers? Drop a mail to

Hope you loved this amazing feature! Stay tuned to CanvasFlip for other NEVER SEEN features coming up!

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