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CanvasFlip + Sketch

Sync artboards in Sketch with your CanvasFlip projects directly.

Build faster and better with CanvasFlip and Sketch


How To Use

Build better prototypes with Sketch and CanvasFlip

1. Download and Install the Plugin

Unzip the plugin and double click on the “CanvasFlip.sketchplugin” file to get started.


2. Create designs in Sketch & Sync them with CanvasFlip

Unleash your imagination with Sketch. Create beautiful interface and simply sync these artboards to the CanvasFlip studio.

3. Build prototypes on CanvasFlip

Simply drag and drop hotspots to create functional prototypes in minutes.


4. Get actionable feedback on UX from real users

To ensure higher engagement and conversion rate right from the design phase, get feedback from team members, clients and real users

5. Iterate

Based on the UX feedback from CanvasFlip, modify your designs in Sketch. Woohoo! Every change is synced to your CanvasFlip account.


Wireframing kit

Collection of all primary symbols you need to create professional and elegant iOS wireframes

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