See how users are using your prototypes in real-time

Delightful remote moderated user testing - no app or plugin required

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Create & share test prototype in 5 minutes

Introducing CanvasFlip Live

Run user testing in the browser without the pain of installing apps, plugins, camera or paying tons of money. In fact, it’s completely FREE , like forever.

Here’s why it’s fun for you & your users:
Livestream/Record prototype activity
No app or plugin needed in any devices
Take notes. Record heatmap & user journey

Livestream prototype activity

Learn from your user's behavior on prototype!

Watch participant’s activity LIVE on your prototype remotely from anywhere - Just by sharing a link.

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Works in any device - No app or plugin required

Don’t test mobile experience in desktop!

Validate experience in native devices - iPhone, Android, Desktop, SmartTV or anything else, we have got you covered. No set up or installing any app/plugin.

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Smart observations - annotations, heatmap, user journey & more

Convert observations into design decisions.

Smart note taking for you & team to quickly in user video. Automatic heatmap and user journey, you can make smarter design decisions much faster.

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Not yet! You will have to get your own test users. We should have recruitment panels available for certain demographics in next few weeks. Stay tuned!
No! You will have to create your prototypes from scratch in CanvasFlip. We have made sure that you can create and test your first prototypes in less than 10 minutes.
Audio/video conference is under development and should be available in next few weeks. As of now, you can only see user activity on screen. You may have to get your users on a tele/Skype/Hangout call.
Any device with a browser is supported in CanvasFlip - Desktop, iPhone, Windows, Android, Smart watches, Smart TVs, you name it.
Plans & Pricing
CanvasFlip Live is absolutely free as part of CanvasFlip Suite
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Enjoy seamless moderated user testing without installing app/plugin or any other setup effort.