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Share prototypes via email, url or embed links and let the team experience it right on the device

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The complete idea of creating a prototype is to get feedback on it. Share your prototypes with clients, colleagues and stakeholders and get feedback on your ideas and designs.

And the process, it’s super simple! Just grab and send the preview link of your prototype; within seconds they will be able to feel the prototype in action on native devices. And of course, it can be done as many times as you want and with as many people as you want feedback from.

With multiple sharing options - Email, URLs and embed links, sharing become a super flexible process!

Enable or disable hints about the hotspots on the prototype as per the requirement. Working on a highly secretive project? Just enable “password protection”. That’s it! Get the popup with options - “ Prototype protection & Enable hints ” by clicking on the gear symbol(settings) on the right top.

Add a note saying “Hey guys, try finding an iPhone on the prototype” or “Buy a blue Raymond shirt on my prototype”! Send different notes to different sect of people to validate every feature.

feature image ( Invite to review )

How to get started with invite to review -

  1. Pull up your project from the CanvasFlip studio.

  2. Click on SHARE on the top menu bar.

  3. Type in the email ids or import contacts from gmail, outlook or CSV files.

  4. Add a note if you wish!.

  5. Click on “Invite for Review” or “Invite for User Testing”. And,that’s it!

Need help with invite to review? Drop a mail to

Sharing freezes clients, stakeholders and teammates to a common workplace. Hope this feature makes work simpler. Are we missing your favourite feature in the toolkit? Let us know.

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