Interaction Heatmap

Find out which elements user focus on most within your prototype

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Found out the mockup with higher drop-offs from the conversion funnel? It’s time to drill deeper into the interactions performed by users on these mockups.

Understand which areas or elements on the page which are the most interesting and engaging to your users: where they’re interacting with the screens and which part needs to be promoted.

From red being the most interact-able(/heated) area to blue being the least, get the complete visual hierarchy of interaction users performed.

Lets take a use case, when visitors click or tap a link, they intent to do a particular task - perhaps they want to examine a product more closely, or move to the next process. With deep insights into what they’re aiming for, it’s easy to help them take the next step. See which elements receive many clicks or taps, and if they’re clicking or tapping on something that isn’t a link, maybe it should be.

Checkout interaction heat maps generated on CanvasFlip for "Event Search App" prototype.

feature image ( Interaction Heatmap )

How to get started with Interaction Heatmap -

  1. Click on “User Testing” on the top menu bar.

  2. Hover on the left sidebar and click on “Interaction Heatmap”.

  3. Review the interaction heatmap and make your next design interaction accordingly.

Need help with Interaction Heatmap? Drop a mail to

Hope you loved this amazing feature! Stay tuned to CanvasFlip for other NEVER SEEN features coming up!

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