Impose Layers

Impose layers such as sidebars, modals and popovers over the screens.

feature image

To bridge the gap between your app prototype and the final outcome we have another exciting feature – Layer. It’s the fastest way to add realistic modals, popovers and side-menu to your app prototype.

That means you no longer have to design and add an entire mockup when you just want a part of the screen to appear on top. Designers love this feature as it’s a huge time and effort saver!

PLUS, you can also add gestures and transitions to every individual layer.

feature image ( Impose Layers )

How to get started with layers -

  1. Go to layers section.

  2. Upload the layer mockup from the desktop or dropbox.

  3. Create a hotspot and drop it to the layer.

  4. Set transitions.

  5. Resize and reposition it if needed, and that’s it!!

Need help with Layers? Drop a mail to

Hope you loved this huge time saver feature - Layers! Are we missing your favourite feature in the toolkit? Let us know.

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