Fixed Header And Footer

Set the sticky(/fixed) header and footer with important options “ready-at-hand”

feature image

To add that extra bit of realism in your mobile and web prototypes, we have introduced the “fixed header & footer” feature.

Create a sticky “Call-to-Action” or offer important links “ready-at-hand” - all you need to do is, slide the header and footer indication to where it’s needed. Lock a part of the mockup, while the rest of the screen smoothly scrolls.

PLUS, We have also added an automatic ZOOM-IN to your mockups while you are setting header and footer, so that you can create pixel perfect prototypes!

feature image ( Fixed Header Footer )

How to get started with fixed header and footer

  1. Go to the CanvasFlip Studio

  2. Slide the ‘fixed header’ and ‘fixed footer’ bars, located on the left hand side of the mockup. And, it’s done

Need help with fixing the header and footer?

Hope you loved this feature - Fixed header and footer! Are we missing your favourite feature in the toolkit? Let us know.

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