Duplicate Hotspots

Save both time and effort spent in creating duplicate hotspots over and over again

feature image

Duplicate hotspot (/template hotspots) is an interesting feature that is a super time saver!!

Sign-out, menu, home etc, are present on almost all your screens and you want to have the same gesture, transition and navigation on them. But to perform this, you have to set the same actions, transitions and navigation to each screen separately.

We know it’s painful and time consuming!

With duplicate hotspots you don’t have to do this any more. These help you replicate the same hotspots on every screen you want. With this feature, you can save as much as 30% of prototyping time.

feature image ( Duplicate Hotspots )

How to get started with duplicate hotspots -

  1. Create a hotspot on action button/link at one screen and connect it to the target screen.

  2. Select the duplicate icon ( content_copy ) below the HotSpot.

  3. Now select the multiple screens, you want to duplicate this HotSpot

  4. Click on the Confirm button, That’s it.

Need help with duplicate hotspots? Drop a mail to support@canvasflip.com

Hope you loved this huge time saver feature - Duplicate hotspots! Are we missing your favourite feature in the toolkit? Let us know.

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