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Track your design changes in real-time with CanvasFlip + Slack

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With the powerful integration of CanvasFlip and Slack, you can pull in all your CanvasFlip activities and design discussions into your Slack channels.

Have a real-time collaboration with your teammates and stakeholders on Slack, to keep them informed about new screens, resolved conversations, shared projects etc. This makes sure that every member of the team is on the same table as you are.

Here’s what you can automatically Slack to your team :

  1. Screen addition or replacement. (Let your team know that you added this masterpiece!)

  2. Get notified about the comments your teammate leave on the prototype (So that you respond asap!)

  3. Notification of a prototype being shared (We don’t want you to miss it at all!)

  4. Know when your teammate has completed reviewing the prototype (Cherry on the cake - we give you a summary of his session as well!)

How to setup CanvasFlip + Slack -

  1. Log into your CanvasFlip account and click on the project you’d like to sync with Slack (or, create a new prototype)

  2. Click the settings (settings) menu, then click on integrations.

    ( prototype setting icon)
  3. Hit on “Connect to Slack”.

    ( Connect to Slack )
  4. Select and authorize the channel you want to push your CanvasFlip activities to.

    ( Authorize Canvasflip Studio on Slack )
  5. You are all set to enjoy design collaboration in Slack & CanvasFlip.

Here is how you would find the CanvasFlip activities on Slack -

  1. A team member adds or replaces a screen in the project-

    ( Add screens notification )
  2. Some reviewer left a comment on the prototype.

    ( New comment notification)
  3. A team member shared a prototype

    ( share prototype notification)
  4. When your users have reviewed the prototype

    ( Prototype review notification)

Need help with integrations? Drop a mail to

Hope you loved this amazing integration! Stay tuned to CanvasFlip for other NEVER SEEN features coming up!

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