Annotations on User videos

Capture user behaviour and interaction patterns in real time.

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Challenges with taking notes during a live test

  1. It is strenuous, on both the mind and fingers. Things often happen too quickly during a research session for you to take accurate, complete notes that make sense when you read them later.

  2. It can be difficult to decipher handwriting (even your own), which can result in requiring more time for the final report.

  3. With so many scribbled notes on paper, it is difficult to map which one corresponds to which user and at which time instant.

  4. Trying to write down everything would add to the already high cognitive burden of observing and managing the session.

Why annotations in CanvasFlip?

  1. With recorded user videos, it is much easier to spot an interaction pattern, pause the video and take notes for reviewing later.

  2. Each note is mapped to the user video it corresponds to. This makes sure that every you review a particular note, you know that context of it.

  3. By clicking on each note, you simultaneously replay the video from the instant you left the note.

How to use annotations?

  1. While watching the user video, hover on the player controller. Click on the “Add annotation @0.20secs”

  2. Post your comment/observation right there.

  3. That’s it! Refer to these videos during a discussion with team members and stakeholders :)

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Hope you loved this amazing feature! Stay tuned to CanvasFlip for other NEVER SEEN features coming up!

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