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CanvasFlip - Single interface solution for prototyping, user testing & design hand-off

Quick note

CanvasFlip is a cloud-based design collaboration and testing platform, enabling designers to create design prototype and capture analytics right on their designs.

In our journey of 2 years, we are trusted by more than 1200 awesome design teams ranging from large fortune 500 companies to design studios, growing startups, freelance designers and even aspiring design students.

We want to make a better world where digital consumers don’t have to struggle to use the app. We look forward to achieving it by helping designers validate their ideas early and frequently.

Why we built CanvasFlip

We build CanvasFlip because almost all alternate user testing tools were very expensive and time taking and running a test with them was a nightmare.

Most of the user testings required expensive labs or sophisticated tools, apps & plugin. Due to the friction, most of the test users opted-out and test failed. Not to mention, the cost of running those tests made it impossible to try it again.

Since there was a clear need for an affordable and seamless platform, CanvasFlip started with a basic idea to enable analytics on designs which was initially possible only on live websites/apps.


CanvasFlip is started by 2 friends - Vipul Mishra and Manish Jha who were trying to build and validate earlier products. Since none of the prototyping tools provided analytics back then and user testing was extremely expensive and cumborsome, CanvasFlip was founded to make a seamless and cost-effective way to validate ideas at design stage.


Vipul Mishra
Co-Founder and CEO, CanvasFlip


Manish Jha
Co-Founder and CTO, CanvasFlip

Investors & Advisors

CanvasFlip raised $1.2 Mn USD from Bessemer Venture Partners and have successful entrepreneurs like Girish Mathrubhootam (Founder & CEO, Freshdesk) and Pallav Nadhani ( Founder & CEO, FusionCharts).


Bessemer Ventures Partner


Girish Matrubhootham
Co-Founder & CEO, Freshdesk


Pallav Nadhani
Co-Founder & CEO, FusionCharts

Ecosystem Enablers

CanvasFlip is supported by leading tech giants including Microsoft Ventures, Google For Entrepreneurs and, TLABS (Times Internet).


Microsoft Ventures


Google for entreprenures




CanvasFlip Inc, 2711 Centerville Road, Suite 400 Wilmington, County of New Castle, Delaware United States Zip code 19808

697, Golden Tower, 12th Cross Road, 27th Main Street, Sector 1, HSR Layout, Bangalore, Karnataka 560102


Think you can add value to our mission? Full-time job, internship, sponsorship or partnership, drop a line to opportunities@CanvasFlip.com

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